Volunteering and Membership


Volunteers are the life blood of our organization. Volunteering for 775 Offroad and Recovery will allow you to learn more about offroading and recovery operations. We need more than just recovery volunteers, we need volunteers in the following areas:

Offroad and Recovery experience is not necessary. If you would like to learn and gain experience please apply for a volunteer position. Volunteers won’t need to deploy to a recoveries but will be able to assist in many different ways! Apply for a position below.

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We provide many services at no cost to others. These include community events, service projects, land restoration and offroad rescues or recoveries. We are able to do this through donations and the funds that are raised by membership.

You do not have to be a member to request recovery assistance or training.

Standard Membership ($25.00 a year) the most common membership. Our volunteers sign up as a standard member. 

Members utilize Slack to communicate and coordinate recoveries. When you become a member information to join slack will be emailed to you.

Recovery Focused Volunteers

If you want to learn off-road recovery techniques and support the local community, look to volunteer with us!

Community Support Volunteers

We need volunteers to help setup and run special events. These event may not be recovery focused and help the community learn more about off-roading and/or protecting our trails.