2023 Board of Director Elections

How the Elections work

To be nominated to the board, a member in good standing will fill out the form below turned in by November 19th. All nomination will be self-nominations, meaning a person interested in the position will nominate themselves. All nomination forms will be uploaded to club express documents area for member review.

Ballots will be filled out by members in good standing and emailed to the election email. Members can only submit one ballot (one vote per position).

Elections Email


Important Dates

November 7th 2023: Announcement of Board of Directors elections and distribute nomination form.

November 19th 2023: Nomination Form Deadline for submission to elections email.

November 21st 2023: Nominee names will be posted and forms uploaded the club express for members review.

December 1st 2023: Ballots due to elections email. (we will only accept paper ballots at the Dec. 2nd board meeting)

December 2nd 2023: Public Information Officer will brief the results to the Board of Directors, and turn the results in to the President.

December 4th 2023: Secretary publishes elections results.

January 1st 2024: New Board of Directors installed.

Board Positions Available


RESPONSIBILITIES: Present at all regular meetings, Appoint committee chairperson as necessary to carry on activities of the organization for any purpose, Act upon correspondence brought to his attention, Schedule at least four quarterly Board of Director meetings each year, Regular meetings can be scheduled monthly without being labeled a Special Meeting, Has power to call special Board of Director meetings at his discretion, Signer on general operating expense disbursement bank account, Work with Treasurer and Board of annual budget, Maintain & Encourage relations with other organizations with like interests, Maintain communication with all Committees, Prepare a written report to be published quarterly.

SKILLS: should include leadership skills and ability, effective communication skills, creative problem solving capabilities.


Brad Vest

Scott Heidorn


RESPONSIBILITIES: Maintain membership records, maintain Organization records and preserve historical documents, Send notice of meetings, prepare meeting agendas, call roll in meetings, maintain records of all meetings and their minutes, Maintain correspondence in regards to applications for club membership, Act upon correspondence brought to his attention, Sign and distribute membership cards, maintain adequate office supplies needed to perform duties.

SKILLS: should include excellent writing and verbal communication skills, capable computer skills.



Denise Johnson – Incumbent

Lise Blackwood

Safety Officer

RESPONSIBILITIES: Develop, implement and oversee organization safety with all activities, Advise on safety related topics, Prepare educational trainings with the Training Officer, Create review and change policies and procedures as needed, Enforce preventative measures, Investigate prepare and present reports on any accident or liability incident with violations and determined causes.

SKILLS: Excellent knowledge of SOP’s, Experience with policies and procedures for health and safety, be the enforcer of safety policies, have a zero accident commitment.



Paul Dilley – Incumbent

Training Officer

RESPONSIBILTIES: Develop onboarding packets for new members, Provide training of all SOP’s, Track and keep records of completed training of members, Provide completion certificates and keep copies available to Board of Directors, Instruct on proper use of equipment, Create required and barred equipment lists.

SKILLS: Effective and engaging verbal and written communication skills, well organized, passionate and energetic.


Paul Dilley – Incumbent

Nick Daphne

Grants Officer

RESPONSIBILTIES: Responsible for researching funding opportunities, writing polished proposals that satisfy the grant requirements and submitting per the grant guidelines. Keep Board of Directors appraised of status of any grant applications. Work with other directors to gather information and insure accuracy of grant submittals.

SKILLS: Research, writing and communication skills. Able to follow guidelines and work under deadlines.


Steve LaMar – Incumbent

Vice President

RESPONSIBILITIES: During absence of the President, the VP shall preside at regular meetings, make regular visitations to sponsors, be a liaison between the organization and other clubs, sponsors or affiliates, Solicit and recruit new members to the organization, schedule future Board of Director Meetings, Preside over at least four meetings to plan events, fundraisers, community outreach projects, attend if possible to all organization meetings, special events, maintain contact with Voting Members and promote the organization at local functions.

SKILLS: should include leadership ability, effective communication skills, positive public relations ability.



Brad Vest – Incumbent

Mike Rollins


RESPONSIBILITIES: Have custody of all Organization funds, Submit financial reports showing income and expenditures for the last period each quarter, Monies received shall be deposited, All expenditures approved or pre-approved by the Board of Directors shall be paid, list all payments as part of quarterly report, Have payable checks signed by yourself and either the President or Vice President, reconcile bank accounts monthly, sales tax reporting quarterly, prepare annual budget with board input, file income tax forms annually and prepare any requested reporting.

SKILLS: Accounting principles, computer skills, knowledge of Nevada and Federal laws pertaining to non-profit groups.



Rita Heidkamp – Incumbent

Angela Rounds


Public Information Officer

RESPONSIBILITIES: Develop and maintain strategies and campaigns to build public support, Prepare press releases as needed or as directed by the President or Vice President, Build positive relationships with members, stakeholders, media, public, sponsors and any other entity that would require it, Seek opportunities for partnerships, sponsorships and advertising, Track media coverages and activities of other groups, Manager all PR issues with approvals of the President or Vice President.

SKILLS: Media Relations, researching writing and editing publications, computer skills, Crisis management, Ability to work well under pressure.


John Fansler – Incumbent

Mike Rollins

Dispatch Director

RESPONSIBILITIES: Coordinate dispatch team to receive request for 775OFR services, gather required information and dispatch the call to the recovery team as appropriate. Train dispatcher and keep logs of calls for service. Monitor status and dispatch additional resources as needed. Track all members responding to the call until all are back on pavement.

SKILLS: Able to work in a fast-paced environment, record keeping, computer skills, Crisis management, Ability to work well under pressure, written and verbal communication skills, attention to detail.


Angela Rounds – Incumbent

Regional Captains

RESPONSIBILITIES: Represent the designated Region and members in that region. 

SKILLS: Leadership, organization, people skills.


Zone 1: Brad Vest & Paul Dilley – Incumbent

Zone 2: Tony Jackson – Incumbent

Zone 3: Brayden Swartz – Incumbent

Zone 4: Scott Heidorn – Incumbent

Zone 4: Ralph Lederer

Zone 7: Josh Jauer – Incumbent