Class Information

Class Information

  • 775 OFR offers three different recovery training in Northern Nevada. These course are:
  • Basic Recovery
  • Intermediate Recovery
  • Advanced Recovery
  • Basic Offroad Driving

These classes are taught on the weekend and usually only take 1 day per class. Class fees cover course material, instructor resources and training area maintenance. Our training area offer training vehicles and different obstacles to test recovery gear and provide student different situations to think through recovery options.

More information on classes:

  • Camping is allowed onsite, day prior and day after. Limited bathroom facilities.
  • Bring your recovery vehicle and recovery gear. If you don’t have a recovery vehicle, let the instructors know in advance.
  • We recommend the Safe Extract App to help with load calculations.

Download the Safe Extract App below:

We are planning to create classes that help off-roader learn and grow. Let us know if you have ideas, go to the Contact Us page to provide ideas for future classes.

Topics Covered in Basic Class

Topics Covered in Intermediate Class

Topics Covered in Advanced Class

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